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~Here Is Where My Story Begin~


I'n currently at my boyfriend's house.
I'm so bad luck larhhh!! I accidently fell down and hurt my leg.
I usually planned to go 1u but now even i walk or put my leg on the floor also got problem );
& i miss my school larhhh! 3 days straight never go to school dyyy!

my fucking leg ):
i know is damn fat larhhhh!
just hope it will get better before friday.
i dont wan to ruine my plan ><


My eyes is effingggg pain right now.
Something attacked my eyes.

I have to see the doctor right now before its too late.
the worst case is to go for operation.
@#^*#!@ wttttfffffffff ):

R.I.P Micheal Jackson
We will always remember you. Who doesn't? He is the legend in the music career & is a sad case for those people that are waiting for his world tour concert. It just happen too suddenly. Do appreciate people that around you (: Goodbye M.J !

I'm just telling you to get your help
but what i get?

I'm so in love with it (:

I'm so crazy about it when i first see it.
GOSH!! i wish i can stuck them all into my closet @#!^*#@..
sorry. ignore my craziness (:

They are just so preeeeeetyyyyyyy !!!!!
I cant take it anymore.
But no $$ no talk larh :x

I ♥ Transformers (:

I watch the movie dyyyy ! Gosh! Is the best movie ever! Transformers 2 is so much better compare to the first one! But i still love both (: I cant wait till the third one comes out! Because Megatron says this is not the end yet !

Everyone must watch Transformers 2 !!!!

I'm so fucking hell crazy for this movie ! Nobody in this century doesn't know about transformers. Gosh ! I'm so gonna watch it again and again :x But the cinemas is so fully booked for this moment. But i'm lucky to get a good seat to watch it. Thanks to my boyfriend (; My boyfriend and I loves transformers alot.

In the movie , those cars is mostly from chevrolet ! Especially Bumblebee and Sideswipe 's car. Their car is the best car model in the movie! GOSH ! Fucking nice car ! My boyfriend totally gone mad because he loves cars alot especially nice cars like this. Anything to do with cars he will easily gone crazy :P

Transformers 2 - The Revenge Of The Fallen

My Alltime Favourite Hero - Optimus Prime

Megan Fox & Shia Labeouf makes a perfect couple in this movie (:


Optimus Prime
He kindly died for a moment in the movie, make me so emo for a that moment too. Luckily Shia Labeouf get to saves him .

My Super Favourite !!! Bumblebee.
I adores him alot! Especially the car Chevrolet Camaro.

Ratchet !

Ironhide ! (:

Sideswipe !
I was never notice him, his car got my attention.
Chevrolet Corvette !!! Fucking Nice Car


The Fallen
Megatron's Boss
Dont really see him much in the scene & got killed by Optimus Prime.
hahahahahaah ! He suck :P

He is My Favourite Too! Although he is on the bad side.
I like about him the most is when he transform, is just so damn Fucking Cool !!

Starscream !
Not bad not bad !
I remember he said this to Megatron ( if i'm not wrong )
Starscream : Is not good to say you are a coward, but sometimes coward do survive
Megatron : This is not the end yet

Soundwave ! (:

Scorponok ! (;

They added some new robots in it but i still prefer the old ones!

Everybody must support TRANSFORMERS !!


My Advisor

Happy Sweet Sixteen Yee Lingggg a.k.a Alice (:

We was never ever get to talk to each other so close till when we are fade to study in a same class. I LOVE YOU BITCH ! (; ignore my vulgar-ness
I hope that our friendship can still remains the same no matter what. I'll always be there for you, you can really count on me (:
Hope you have a blast on your birthday


I know you love the present alot (;

p.s : yee ling's favourite face expression

The day that i will never forget ~

April and i went 1utama... AGAIN! @#*!#@@#*!
I know we are damn lifeless. But no choice is the only shopping complex that is near where we stayed..

We just walked around 1u and go visit some friends there.
Ohhh yaaa & the reason that we was at 1utama because April Lee wants to eat MCDONALD ! I know its very random. But she memang like that one :P

Just let the pictures do the talking (:

I Know You Want Me..
You Know I ♥ You (:

Just Being Random (;

I always like to disturb her when she is camwhoring :P

ohhh ya.
we bought something that is damn tasty & is my all time favourite.
but this much more expensive. it costs rm9.40 @@
but for me its kinda worth it larhhh !

April Lee is trying to advertise it =.="
You can just totally ignore this part xDD

Wait for my boyfriend came to pick us up then went to kepong for dinner.

Ah Ci , Jian Loong , Zhen Ling a.k.a 67

well actually it should have more pictures.
because i planned to go cheras pasar malam.
unfortunately i did not get the chance to step down the ground when i already reach that pasar malam. something happen so i did not get to go.
that day, that night was disaster and it totally ruine my mood badly.

p.s : it will be a better day (:


I'm Fucking Emo Now !

What Should I Do To Make The Situation Turns Better?
I Know I Cant Do Well Decision & Control My Emotion When Problem Comes.
You Tell You Do Always Be Patient And Try To Understand.
We Been Together For So Long.
And Now You Are Telling Me That You Cant Stand It Anymore?!
You Thinks That Your Attitude Is That Good After All?
You Thinks That You Are Mature Enough?
Why Must I Be The One To Change And You Be The One To Complain?
Do You Ever Thought Of How I Feel?
You Been So Selfish And Cold-Blooded To Me.
I Never Even Spit A Single Word To Complain In Front Of You?!!
Even Thought I Do,
You Will Never Bloody Bother To Care!
Is It Fair Enough To me?

I'm Wrong and I Do Feel Sorry.
But Are You?
I Hope That We Can Really Solve It Out.
I Do Not Want To Receive An Unknown Answer From You...





Stay Tuned For More.....

Another Day at 1U

The nearest place at my living area - 1utama. A nice place for shopaholic (:

I feel kinda bored of this place because i go there almost 2 or 3 times per week. is PER WEEK!!

Tuesday 2th June 2009

I went 1u with my darling April and her schoolmates (: they was so nice to me although we meet each other for the first time.

Camwhore Section Time (:

take 1
Yun Xin, Lee And Beh (:

Take 2

Beh, Lee, Xin & Joanna (:

April's all time fav - Honey Stick
Anyone wan some? x)

Beh, Lee, Xin, Debra & Joanna (:

We went to have a little shopping around 1u

~ Zara ~
One of My Favourite Shop

Same to her
She loves her clothes too (:

Chilling at The Chocolate Lounge

Chocolate Affair ! Yummy (;
I'm Lovin It

My Another Favourite Shop Forever 21

My Candid (:

Lots More To Go ..