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~Here Is Where My Story Begin~

You are taking back your love.

Like what I say. I will update as soon as possible (:
and since today I skip school and so free at home. just decide to update a little.
Just another day hanging out at 1u..
with jean yee, may yun, edward chan & alan wong..

My all time favourite bitch
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Mr Edward Chan is in the house man xD

After walking around, we decide to go wong kok to have our lunch since all of us haven't eat our breakfast & lunch

He thinks that he is cool xD

Mua with my sad face );

Cute Jean Yee babe (:

Some chit chat there & gossiping when we enjoy our meal then we went to new wing to watch the Charm Competition. People were there that day should know about it because mostly people went ou to support their family & friends. Is a cheer competition, some of the competitor came from other countries.

Then we went to OSC since some of the friends playing snooker there..
What we girls gonna do. Camwhore :DDD

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
Credits for Jean taking this picture for me !

May yun :DD
I know I looks wierd in this picture -.-

May Yun & Jean :D

The guys are so busy playing there :PPP

All of us get so bored because there's nothing much to do in 1u, so we headed to Mcdonald @ centrepoint !

Mr Alan Wong !

I just simply love this picture.
I seldom edit picture but nowadays find it quite fun :D
Anyway it was an awesome day going out with them. I looking further more, especially MAY YUN. She is going Australia on 27 of June *sigh*

I know is a random picture.
Not much people get to see me tie up my hair if you are not same school as me.
I know I dont look good :P

But can I keep a piece of it?

Alot of pain hiding under the imperfect smile

Lazy to update now.
There is too much I need to say ):
I confuse on everything is happening around me.
Is like nothing goes right in my life.
One worst thing comes to me others follow up too.
Shit! I really need some huge support !

p.s : if you really need me to prove it you that I'm not lying, I would really love to (:

Xoxo (:

Watagatapitusberry !

I'm bored :P

Will update my blog real soon again (:

Can I pretend the aeroplane in the night sky like shooting star

Blogging again since the mood is here.
Already sick for 4 days dy. GOSH! help me god);
Sore throat pain kills me, but it cant compare the pain in my heart *sigh*
Anyway just want to blog about the another day. Went out with this really sweet girl :DD
We din really talk to each other in facebook at all, just a coincidence I commented on one of her post, we started talking to each other. Happy to know her (:
Who is she?

Wan Jie (:
So cute right?
Me and her was playing in the dressing room at Forever 21 as she wants to get herself a dress ..

I specially like this :DDDD
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

take 1

take 2

the perfect one :DD

we have our very own gossiping moment in the fitting room (:
it was really fun going out with her.
I looking for more in further

Stay tuned for more !

I could really use the wish right now..

I hope everything will never have to end like that..

It is 3.46 am now & I cant sleep.

Because I miss you.

Nowadays I non stop crying right before I sleep.
Because it helps me fall asleep.
the memories will non stop coming to my mind, makes me tear till I really tired then I will suddenly fall asleep. Even myself wont notice about it..


p.s : specially recommended Wedding Dress - Taeyang ( english version )

I want a happy ever after ending..

7 months already gone

I like the number 7.
Because is my birth date, my lucky number & I just loves this number.
But somehow it brings me going to the path of sadness

I dont know why I cant take a nice picture.
Try to smile on different angles. but my eyes just cant follow up what I want.
Maybe my eyes is tired. I didn't get to sleep well these few days.
Everything in this 7months is spinning in my head.
I cry for it, I stubborn for it, I desprate for it.
At the end I get NOTHING !

I do admit that I wasn't being a good girlfriend.
Always like to act like a small girl in front of him.
Need him to take care of me.
Just because I wants to be care by him. Only him..
We break up once, it was before chinese new year.
I really cry so bad that time even this time we break up.
I cant blame you for not believing me.
Because I was using the lies to cover up everything for a man.
But i wasn't having affair. My heart was faithful to you.

Until we get to couple back, alot of bitter sweet we been through.
I cry alot for you. I remember how angry am I, how insane am I.
But is just because I really love you.
I do admit that I was being annoying. I know my fucking small kid attitude.
But there must be something good about me right?
Just that you always remember all the shits I do.
If I always remember the bad things u do, how can I continue to love you?

Really one word end it means whole thing turns into nothing.
I remember when you say we are ending and no turning back, my heart was still aching for it
Sometimes I was wondering the man that shouting in the phone to me is it the man I use to love and adore so much?
Maybe like what he say. He change.

you know wert. something that is really sincere from my heart.
I remember that day when I say I want to married you,
That is true.
Maybe you forget when was it. But when the moment I look into your eyes is like sparkling.
Maybe people out there will think stupid girl. where got such thing.
However, I just felt that he will be the guy I want to be with for my life.
I really thought we would last for more than just 7 months

This ring on my finger that I have already wear for more than 5 months.
No matter what it will always in my finger everyday.
But I guess now I'm not the one to him anymore.
I should just let it go.
I really wish I could just leave like how he did once we agree breaking up.
Is just hard for me.
Someone that been through alot with me for this 7 months?
Someone that I always love and trust for 7 months?
No way it can just fade it away.

One thing that I remember clearly what you say.
That night you hold my hands and say :
I think we are really meant to be together after we been through so much.
I hope It does. But its over dy.

To : Mr Kidd
What I look in you, Is the one that always being serious, intelligent, caring & lovely person.
why do i love you?
Because the inner good of you & all the things we been through so so much in this 7 months.
You really meant something in my heart.
Anyway thanks for been into my life for this 7months (:
all the bitter sweet we have together will be in my heart always !

& it wasn't a lie. My faithful to you is true.
Hope you will be happy always with her & in future too.
You are right. She deserves to have you more than I do.
Anyone deserves just not me..
I really love everyday that we spent together.
Even just argue. I miss it too, because I dont think there's any chance for us to argue.

p.s : I know is just 7 months not 7 year, but you will never know what does it meant to me so much in this 7 months.

Stay tuned for more

Starbuck is ♥

I know I sometimes upload alot. sometimes I just neglected it for a very long time xD
Blame my lazy-ness. I always tell myself to update. At the end forget or even lazy to come into my blog.

As you know. Everyone is having exam now for this two or three weeks either I too.
So what do you do before exam comes?
Play? Study? Going out every single day?
But mostly people like to go library with their one gang of friends.

Especially here.
Tamun Tun Library
Normally people that study around PJ area sure will come here study with their friends along.
Me too :DD
Went with jean yee & edward before the exam week.

I did study k?
But only few pages of history, then I started camwhore xD
Jean say I interrupt her study. Haha. Sorry la girl. I memang like that one
End up taking pictures and talking.
Always turns out like that. I already knew it. I just go there for fun :D

After that went down there to chill awhile.
edward wants to smoke too * dont like :P*
Spot the silly girl sitting there :DD

Jean Yee so cute (:


So after studying awhile , I decided to leave and head to 1u :D

Heh! Love this Bitch (:

So after we arrive 1u, first thing comes out from my mind is STARBUCKS ! :D

This is Mr Edward Chan
He should thank me for taking this picture for him :D

My all time favourite
Mocha Ice Blended. Love it !!

Jean's favourite
I know is some caramel thingy. Forger what is it xD

Stupid girl :DD

Anyway just a simple post.
I dont really like to type alot because my english suck so bad :D
But still improving.

Stay tuned for more (:

Take It Easy (:

In this post, I shall show you this house I been during last month ( if I'm not wrong )
Is one of my friends house.
Maybe you think I'm like some kampung girl, but his house is really awesome (:
so i decide to post it out to share it with you people out there.
You wont see me in any of the picture.
Enjoy reading :DD

the outside view of the house.
as you can see other house is dam nice, so what do you think about his one ? (:

the fish pond

the lift
F.Y.I : his house is kinda big actually. If I'm not mistaken, there is 4 floor in his house.
And he have a 14room guest house right behind of the house ( there is nobody staying there, so is kinda creepy *gulp* )
And 6 or 7 maid in his house.
So imagine how big his house is @@ I swear that you can lost yourself there.
That is what nearly happen to me -. -"

their very own swimming pool (:
my favourite.
I din get to swim because I dont have extra clothes *sigh* /:

gym room

living hall

If I din tell you it was in the house, you will think it was a chinese restaurant right?
Well I got really shock when i step into this hall.
I think you will be like wtf? so fcking rich? omg!
hahahaha. this is what comes out from my mind la xDDD
As you can see, we can have parties, prom or maybe invite your friends over to club there also not a problem man.
The sound system & light effect there is AWESOME ! :DD *thumbs up*

the upper view of it :D

the pictures below here is all the DJ set & CCTV all over. Zzz.

This is the costume room
I have no idea what is the purpose to have it, maybe is just too rich ??

But some of the custome and dress there is quite nice :DD

The small theater

This is the main theatre
My favourite among everything in the house :DDD
I din get to take the picture of the whole room
But their cinema is totally like GSC gold class cinema design.
And they have alots of movie for you to watch.
Whatever movie you want they also have it. I swear man !

We were watching Lord Of The Ring.
Another good thing about the theater is the sound system can totally compare with GSC (:
Is like you are in Gold Class. I swear you love it.

This is the roof top.
The nicest place in the house (:

From there you can see a really nice view.
This is what I always want for my future dream house :DD

I'm done with the post.
Love the house?
Haha. I love the house too but I dont envy the owner (:
I'm happy for what I have now
Maybe someday I can earn my own money to have my very own dream house. Who knows eh? (:
Enjoy this post?
I hope you do.

Stay tune for the next post.
XoXo !