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~Here Is Where My Story Begin~

I Still Have My Love

Playing facebook more recently even thought I'm busy on my work.
I always update my facebook. Add me if you haven add yet (:
You can know me more from there.


My life would suck without money

HEH! ^^ I'm currently working at 1u now.
Just update a little so that my blog wont be that dead !
Gotta go now. Bye World (:

I Feel So Lost Without You ):

I miss hugging you ):
But i already forget how was it feels like.
Can i still hug you again? /:

Is Meant To Be Gone

Having a bad gastric now @.@
Thanks for being such a nice person to bring me to the clinic. It is a miracle that you would still willing to help me and buy food for me when i was ill.
We are no more related to each other anymore this is the main point.
When i was sitting beside you, I was hoping to get a sweet hug & sweet talks from you but all i get is just silence.
For that moment i wanted to put my head on your shoulder and hug you tight, but i couldn't and i cant do it.
I hope that he could still be with me and take care of me.
Tears started falling luckily he couldn't see it
I miss you so much /:
But I tried to convince myself tell that i don't.
I can lie through my mouth but my heart can't.
I tried to be cool in front of you but my heart felt so pain for that moment.
Lying on the bed thinking all those thing we been through, cant stop crying.
But even how sad am I, he would never want to bother.
He is being so mean and cold hearted to me. I just have to deal with it.

I hope that time would go back to the day before we broke up because I want to have a memorable day with him. But everything is too late.
But I hope that we would never have to choose to broke up.

I miss those hugs, kisses and caring that you gave me.
But it doesn't belongs to me anymore..
I Love You -LST- (:

I'm Falling For You (:

Its time to blog about it, no more excuses now ! (:

Sunday 6th of September 2009

I went to curve with the girls and boys. There is 8 of us (:
The purpose we went there is to watch Final Destination in 3D.
And is been a long time since i hang out with them. Miss it alot! We should do it often together but they seldom get to go out ):

The photos will do the talking (:

Merantians (:
Alicia, Me, C.YeeLing, ATHI

I want to say something to this babe in this post. I'm sorry darling for such a late post about you ): Please forgive me?

Happy Belated Birthday BeatriceWangShanMin (:

Lets talk about this girl. I know her since i was form 2.
To me, she is a cheerful, friendly & nice person. She has a BIG & Beautiful Eyes (:
My Pretty babe, You are Awesome!
ILU (:

AngeleneTehHuiIng (:

AliciaBoey (:

ChuahYeeLing (:

We finally get to take a proper picture together !
We been such a good friend since we were form 2 and we never took a picture together!

The Girls !


The Boys !

Chilling before watching the movie. Just to make the time pass.
Foosball. WeLoveIt (:

I rate it 5/10
Not a very interesting story. But it does freaks me out ):

Going to the cinema @.@

3D !

We hold each other tight and never let one of us fall (:

more pictures on my facebook !

I Hate You!

My blog is dead once again!
I'm lazy to blog la kay?

My next post is something to do with this picture (:

Stay tuned !

Why are you so bad to me?
Why are you so cruel to me?
I Hate That I Love You So Much /:

I'm Stronger Than Yesterday (:

Before I start this post..
I would like to say that i do hope that my blog can be very interesting and full of pictures. But I do not have a camera !! That is the main point ):
Soon. SOON ! ! I will get a camera and blog whatever i want :P

Talk about my holiday.
Just a very short update only & I'm lazy to type :P

22th of August @ Times Square

April Lee (:

Fishing prawn @ Pandah Indah

Stupid Girl with her disappoint face :P

28 of August @ 1Utama

April Lee, Me & Amira (:

@ Jetty, 1Utama

29th of August @ Mardigras

Lee Yue (:

Lee Yue, April Lee & Me

@ Maison

Me, April Lee & Jean (:

Ivan Wong
* Ignore My ChaoTut Face ):

I Really Wants A Camera So Badly ! ! ):

I Miss You..