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~Here Is Where My Story Begin~

My Biatch's Big Day

Happy Sweet Sixteen Angelene :)

you should know how we remain our friendship for this few years.
we been fighting with each other badly and hated each other.
i would never ever thought that we will still be best friend after all this crap fight.
love you honeyyy! hope we have the best day on your birthday :)
you rock my world !

p.s: i put the word in yellow because i know it was you favourite colour (:

Holiday - Tuesday

17th of March 2009

Today April and I decided to hang out together.
so me and my boy went to ou around 2 pm and wait for her to arrive with zhong shern.

camwhore :)

My favourite leaopard cap (:

while waiting for them , me and my boy went to wong kok to have our lunch.
after that we went to play foosball and wait for them at the same time.
april and zhong shern arrive here before the movie start so they didn't get to join our game.
we went to watch dragonball evolution.

not a good movie after all.
well different people different sight.
someone might thinks that is the best movie :)

after that, we went to wong kok again since their hungry.
then we went to have some shopping, this is what girls always do when their in the shopping mall !
and including camwhore (:


beh beh and lee lee :)

i looks abit weird here. not ready yet :(

I Love Youuu (:

Around 8pm, we went to meet up with my boy's friend to have dinner together at kepong.
apil and zhong shern follow along too :)

fierce look @.@

haha cant really blame me right?! i just really love leopard that much (:
maybe its a little over

Around 11pm, we all went home straight because we were damn tired.
i doesn't know why but just feel like going home.

something happen on that night, but i already settle it down. so no worries :)

i love you baby boy!

stay tuned for more
not the end yet..


I have alots to update about my one week holiday.
but lately i'm kinda lazy.
soon i will update it one by one.
so just stay tuned :)
i love my blog to the max !

What A Sunday :)

15th of March 2009

what a pretty morning with fresh air around you.
is a best day to goto the park in the early morning with your love one :)

i woke up at 8o'clock early in the morning, get everything ready and waiting for my baby boy to pick me up :) the day before sunday we were already plan to go for the park because we wana lose weight and do something different on the sunday :)
reach the park around 9something.

this park - Taman Manjalara
is the best park i ever been.
rate for this park is 9/10
as we knw that how dirty is malaysia.
you can hardly find a place that is without a litter on the floor.
if you really wana go near to the nature. i think this park is one of the best choice.

well let the picture do the talking :)

this park is damn famous.
alots of people went there early in the morning to do jogging and exercise

the best part of the park is the view there.
you will love the park if you really love nature that much :)

from this picture you can really know how nice can this park be :)

i love rainbow :)
wish my life is just as colourful as rainbow.

turtles =]
remember to bring some bread along to feed the turtles and fishes here !

my boy and i sit on the rock there.
we get to take down the view of the park :)

isn't it nice ?

he really enjoys the view alot :)

okay stop the view part.
my boy and i started to jog around the park.
but duno how we change jog to run.
try to see who can run faster x)

run baby run. dont ever look back :)

finally . . .

i lost the run T^T
well last time i always run around the park like mad people.
but nowadays i don't
i easily get tired just for a few minutes run, seriously have to go to the park often to train some stamina

( if i can woke up early in the morning )

tired -.-"

after jogging around the park, me and my boy discover around this park.
i dont understand why when i was still a small kid i dont get to come this kind of park.
this park have 4 or 5 playgrounds here to diverted the childrens.
dont care! is not just only for kids under 12 years old.
i still enjoy playing around at the playground x)

my boyrfriend join along too :)

me : come and join me at taman manjalara :)

what a poser !

i wana try this thing on badly.
but there is some kids there playing with it. i dare not join them x)
and unfortunately is not available for buffaloes that is above 12 years old.

climb as high as i could :P

finally i reach to the top :)

mission complete.
so off i go :)

camare shy cant blame x)

he still have the kids nerve in this body :)

do more exercise is good for health !

i was trying to lift up myself.

and i did it !
but actually is not that heavy to lift yourself up x)

my sexy !

run as fast as i can!

now i'm on the top of the playground -. -"

somehow i doesn't know why i love this shoot that took by my baby.
maybe it shows that how nice was this tree is :)

he is running towards to the tree.

saw the building ?
what was the first impression to you about the building?

nice right?

Actually is a..

Public Toilet :)

Girl's Restroom

Seldom get to see public toiletat malaysia is that nice right?
well visit this park you will get to see.
per person is 20sen :)

We were pretty tired and headed back home around 11something.
we went back home to take bath and have some rest.
around 2pm, we went to eat bak kut teh at Selayang.
me and my boyfriend really loves bak kut teh that much. cant blame x)
jeremy and his girlfriend tagged along too!

some camwhore about myself :)

i know i look really suck on both of the pictures.

dangerous driver.
eating cookie while driving x)
(actually we was kinda hungry after jogging and my baby boy din took his breakfast in the morning, pity him =[ )

my man :)

jeremy and his girlfriend :)

they always argue but they still very sweet :)

after lunch, we dropped both of them back home. Then my boyfriend decide to do his hair cut.
so we went to the saloon :)

mostly is boyfriend waiting for girlfriend but now is totally exchange our position :P
we have to take turns because there is other customers
we waited for the hair stylist around 45 minutes and my boyfriend fall asleep while waiting for his turn.

so now is his turn :)

unfortunately my baby boy's neck was hurt because of the hair stylist.
his neck was bleeding makes my heart pain :(
stupid hair stylist :P
my boyfriend doesn't like the service there at all but he still go there to do his hair because is just nearby his house. LOLX!

thanks to the hairstylist.

after he done his hair, we went back home and have some rest.
then we went for dinner with jian loong at aman suria around 8.
i wasn't feeling that well so i went home straight around 9.

thats all for today :)