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~Here Is Where My Story Begin~

Movie Fever (:

Holiday is already here. Woohooot!
OK.. I'm not excited about it after all, is just a one week holiday what can i do much with it?
Talk About My Blog Title.. Everyone is busy running to the cinema to catch up their favourite movie, is holiday what :P

First One:

Rate : 9/10
Thumbs Up for this movie (:
I love this movie so much!
Guys should bring your girlfriend to catch on this movie.
Very sweet movie. Must Watch !

Second One:

Rate : 8.5/ 10
Love Comedy Movie.
A very new idea movie. You will never stop laughing till the movie ends.
Must watch must watch (: Make sure you are 18 above althought I'm not :P

Third one :

Rate : 6/10
Hmmmm.. Not bad lah kay? Is funny too.
Maybe that day i was kinda sleepy so i felt bored for some moments (:

Oh ya. I found something new here. To me is new lah :P
I was wrong about it actually. I remember 3 weeks ago, I was so bored during on the tuesday night. Stuck in the house & stonning in front of the tv screen. Then i decided to switch the tv channel to 8tv. Is a nice tv channel kay ? :P


The show caught my attention :P

What I Found ? ?

Gossip Girl !!

It was showing Gossip Girl Season 2 First Episode !
I use to think gossip girl suck & stupid. But after watching it, I love it so much.
Especially the series had alots of hot guys & sexy ladies. WOOOLALA xD

Selena Van Der Woodsen ( Blake Lively)
My Favourite Character in this movie.
I like her personality & she is F**king Hot.
Trust me! She is (:

Blair Waldorf ( Leighton Meester )
The best friend of Selena
I dont like her /: She is those bitchy type of girl in the series.

Jenny Humphrey ( Taylor Momsen )
She always try to be a good friend with Blair.
But Blair doesn't like her ):

Haha. Done talking about the ladies, how can i don't talk about the hot guys in it xD

Nate Archibald ( Chace Crawford )
Who doesn't know him right? ?He so freaking hot (:

Ed Westwick ( Chuck Bass )
My Another Favourite (:
Why? Because he is another hot one.
His face has the power to attract me to look at it :P

Dan Humphrey ( Penn Badgley)
Hot but not my type.
He is not bad enough xD

Gossip Girl is A Must To Watch ! ! ! (:

I have plenty more movies and series to watch !
AHHHHHH! Who wants to watch movie with me ? xDDD

Nothing can last forever (:

Broke up with my boyfriend last night.
My heart hurt so badly, cant stop crying.
But I know this is the best decision for both of us.
I'm still the cheerful one. still the noisy one (:
I feel so sleepy now because I din't really sleep for the whole night.

I still love you (:
Miss you.
This 259 days that you gave me,
it will always be a part of my memories.

FINALLY !!! (:

I used up 2hours to do this template for my blog.
Give me so comment about it (:
I know is kinda cacat lah! I think i'm gonna change a new one.
But not now. Tired of dealing with those html stuff dy.

My Blog Skin Is Still In Progresssssss... (:

I Still ♥ You So Much (:

My boyfriend and I celebrated our 8 month anniversary on two weeks ago! My another lazy post again -.-" LOL! whatever lah. We went to the curve to have dinner only, just a little celebration larh. But i like the restaurant so much, not just the enviroment the food there is so tasty (:

Mel. B (:

After dolled up myself, get ready to go (:

This was the restaurant that i mention about (:
Althought i don't like seafood so much, but the food there seriously make me love shrimp so much. I was never like to eat shrimp !!!

Special Things About This Restaurant !

The Blue One (;

The Red One (:

This two tag have special magic.
The blue one means everything is fine, doesn't any help.
The red one means you need their help, pay bill or order.
Quite cool lah :P

My boyfriend like to play with this. HAHA xD

This drink is called something Magarita.
Wierd taste but accpetable (:

He enjoys the drink alot because it has alcohol in it :P


Yummy (:

My favourite is this! The soup is super tasty !!
Dont remember what it called :P

My dessert !
I know it looks digusting, i regreted not taking it before i ate.
Is nice but too sweet, I can't really take it :P

He is force to clear it xDD

After the dinner, we walked around the curve.
Reach home around 11pm.

Tired ):

My baby boy is not feeling well today.
Worry about him ):

Late Birthday Post - Part 2

Finally i get to finish posting my birthday post. I know it took me so long to do it but I'm just too lazy that's why :P

7th July 2009 My Birthday (:

What is this pictures gonna do with my birthday post? Scroll down to find out larhhh! :P

Surprise ! Not...
Full Of Cheetah Print.. I just love cheetah so much :P

okay.. Now i will start writing about it.
After i dolled up myself, then i went to meet up with April Lee & Edmund to do our shopping at Carefour because we are doing self made steamboat for dinner !

April Lee (:

Edmund & I..

Reach Carefour and meet up with my boyfriend (:

I just so love to hug you larh bi (:

candid by me (:

Everybody was so busy choosing the ingredients (:

Jeremy & My Fucker (:

I just like to do that larh kay ? (:

Stupid Edmund -.-"

Lee & Beh

Okay.. What is up to with my Chao-Tut face ??

No Larh.. Nothing gone wrong. Just playing with it.
We get so much stuff and is just cost RM120. Cheap (:

We are going back to my boyfriend's house to start our self made steamboat (:

Before going back, We went to Secret Recipe to choose my cake..

I end up choosing a cake named chocolate mud as April Lee suggested me..

After that we all reach home and started to cook (:

Everybody is so Busy now ..

Well after so long, they get to take a picture again (:

After all the work we done..

We made tom yam soup for the steamboat (:
Is dam nice. Guys can cook kay?

Camwhore (:

67 Ling & I

My Retarded Face :P

After that they was cooking the beef with some sauce since they cant finish it.
They say is very nice. No matter how nice is it, i wont get to eat because i cant and i dont eat BEEF :P

After all the cooking, is time to celebrate mua's birthday (:
Happy Sweet Sixteen To Myself !!
Okay Lazy to type dyy ):

I Love You (:

April is so gonna screw me when she see this post. Haha (: