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~Here Is Where My Story Begin~

Life is short.. Learn to Appreciate ♥

Just a really short one..
I want to update whatever I can la.
Because I dont get to update much..

Another day in CNY holiday..

I went out with my family to 1u for shopping and to Tropicana City Mall for movie..
There is too many people in 1u GSC cinema. Totally insane man..
Dont really bother to queue because the line was dam long..
so just went to TCM since there is not much people..

Movie of the day.
Rate : 7.5/10
Not so interesting to me. But not bad after all
Talk about gods and add in some Dota heroes in it.
At least something new in movie. Must watch..

Picture below here..

I was at 1u mini toons..

Not a nice one of my look.
But look at the glove i wearing..
Beware of my punch (:
Is a happy punch glove !

This is my one and only brother : Jackson Beh.
I like his love punch glove (:

Oh ya..
Found this funny thing here.
Don't know who will be the unlucky one to receive my birthday present with his / her picture on it :P

My manicure for CNY !
Thanks to mummy (:
I just love the colour so much..

Anyway Is really short one and I'm done here..
Hope you do enjoy..
XoXo ! (:

Happy CNY 2010 ! ♥

My late post for CNY !
Cant blame me lah.. I was back to my hometown 3days for CNY & I dont have the time to touch the computer /:
I know my blog is DEAD ! :X


Happy Chinese New Year To Everyone (:
Gong Hei Fatt Choi !
Angpau come la :p

I spend my CNY & Valentine Day at my hometown..
My hometown is at Yong Peng, Johor Bahru..
Is a really kampung place and is really bored there.
I can only stone at home with my relatives.
But my house confirm is full of people. Because my grandma have 7sons and 3daughter..
Imagine how many uncle, aunty, cousins, nephew & niece I have @@

Start my story here..

13th of February 2010

On my way back to my hometown..
It was really bored in the car
You try to sit in car with the same position for 6hours..
My ass and backbone hurts badly ):

Me with the naked face :P
Tired + Bored

Is a really long journey /:

As you can see the weather is pretty hot for this pass few weeks.
I think everyone in M'sia do notice this..

I use some ways to keep my skin away from the sunlight.
I'm already dark enough /:

With a jacket to cover and My Shade (:

Hoody ! (:

After 6hours journey, Finally Reach My Hometown !!

When i reach my hometown is already 6something..
I was pretty tired..
After no long reaching there, I have steamboat dinner with all my relatives..
Tasty Much (:
Never had steamboat for CNY !
First time :P

After my dinner, play pop pop with my cousins.
I was really bored so just play with them.. I know is lame - .-"

I think alot of people play this before..

Notice the picture down here..

Yes.. I'm washing the dishes.
Is really washing it. No joke..
I was force to wash it la. I have no choice ! T^T
I have to pay the price since i never do anything for the dinner !

Lots of people love to decorate their houses nicely during CNY..
Even kampung also do that..

Red Tanglung surrounding around..

Lots of different colour light bulb..


Thats all for the first day in hometown..
There is more coming up..
XoXo !

Happy CNY 2010 part 2 #

Day 2 - 14th of February 2010

Happy First Day of CNY & Happy Valentines Day

No valentines for me but Angpau banyak waiting for me :P
No need to feel sad if there's no valentine..
Dont want to waste this special celebration with someone that I dont love (:
Just my own opinion anyway !

I went down the town with my cousins..
Feeling so unlucky because my hometown has no water.. There's a little but not much..
Because there have not been raining for few days, all the water dried up /:
So my cousins went to rent two rooms at the town hotel therefore we can take bath..

At the same time, we went to the shopping complex there to walk around.
Is better than staying at home and feed those mosquitoes..
Well i already use to it dy.. Every year also have to donate my blood to the mosquito even though I dont want to /:

Favourite Picture of The Day ♥ ! (:

Some pictures of the kampung hotel..
Obviously you cant compare to the hotel at KL..
Somehow i feel so uncomfortable to be at my hometown..
Because is so different to KL /:
But I still love my kampung !

The Toilet !

Mua & the naked face..

The Dressing Table.

I was really bored there.
So I started myself a camwhore session xD

Take 1 (:

Take 2 (:

Take 3 !
I specially like this picture although i dont really look nice :P

Another Favorite ♥

The outside view of the hotel..
Pretty windy out there..

Anyway the picture below here is about me just done bathing :P

feeling SYIOK after bathing (:

I'm just too bored :P

Enjoy the picture below here (:

♥ the colour of the sky..
Pretty much (:

Done my post !
More on the next (:

Happy CNY 2010 part 3 #

Day 3 - 15th of February 2010

Before i start anything..
I would love to intro 2 cute nephew I have..
I'm just too young to be aunty.. Joking xD

First Cute Little Nephew Boy :

Oscar Chew (:

His pretty mummy & Oscar (:
The parents is malaysian but he is born in England..
I wish i could be a citizen of England too :P
His cheek is always redish..
He can speak cantonese, chinese & english. Not really well..
But for a 20month baby is already not bad (:
I love to hear him calling me yiyi.. He has a really cute voice..

Second Cute Nephew :

Adrian ! (:
He is a really naughty and active boy.
But sometimes he is really shy when he have to face alots of people..
Although he just a one year old boy but the way he talk is like an adult..
you will get shock when you see him fight back what you say @@

Okay.. Stop there..
Now I want to talk about my kampung.
There is no picture about me but my kampung.
So enjoy (:
Took this pictures on the third day right before i left my hometown.
I left my hometown pretty early. Around 11am.
So by the time i reach kl is around 5pm..
Luckily there is no jam..

Pictures :

1. Front Door

2. Living Room

Notice those photos hanging on the wall..

All these photos is all about my relatives..
Their marriage photo, their graduation photo or family photo will be all hanging there..
So once you step in, you can see all the photos there..

3. Bedroom

Is just one of the bedroom with the mosquito net there.

4. Well

Where can you find a well in the house at KL ?
This old well has already been there for many years..
Before i born out it's already there..
I think during my grandma generation is already there @@

5. Dining room


7. Back yard

My uncle that stays here open a mee stall right behind my house..
Their wantan mee is dam tasty, no joke..
Every CNY is full of customers !
So we have to help them out every year..

See this pails here..
we use to wash the plates.. Every year we all take turns to wash the plates for them..
Kinda fun la.. Kampung life what xD

Anyway I have done my CNY post..
Enjoy.. XoXo !

My February Babe ♥

This post is specially for you (:

Happy 17th Birthday Hsu Zen Lee aka Mrs Ryeowook

I hope you love the present that we made for you (:
I know you are dam happy when you see the present..
Okay. Talk about this girl..
I'm lucky to have her as one of the 4/5 merantians..
She is smart, kind and nice to everyone..
She love Ryeowook Opa so much (:
I know she loves us so much too..
Hope you have a blast on your birthday !
Ryeowook & I Love You ! (:

Talk about the present we made..
Notice the paper bag down there..

Actually we made her a photo album that is full of her, us and Ryeowook's photo..
I feel funny to see the URGENT word there..
because is not that urgent, but to us YES xD

The cover of the photo album..

Ryeowook wish you happy birthday too (:

Us !
Top : Beatrice Wang Shan Min, Yee Ling Chuah
Center : Hsu Zen Lee
Bottom : Angelene Teh Hui Ing, Melissa Beh

I Love You Guys So Much !

Actually there is more pictures, 56 photos..
But i'm not gonna post it one by one. Just some of it only..

I hope we will still be best friend after our graduation (:
Loves !