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I will be start blogging on the new blog, since I dont feel like changing this layout and love the new layout (:
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Tired for all the nonsense..

Dont feel like neglected my blog too long, so decided to update even though I'm kinda lazy.
Dont know why my whole body is aching, having bad headache recently /:
Not feeling really well.. ):
I guess I'm just too weak.

16th of June 2010
Went to 1u to have a little gathering with my standard 6 primary school friends (:
Jean Yee, Aaron & Aaron's friend tagged along too.

I rate it 7 / 10
Is a love comedy movie with a little action in it.
Ashton Kutcher kills me ! ! :DD

Just few of us manage to come for this gathering.
Happy to see them tho after so long (:

If you always read my blog, you should know who is she (:

Is always a must for girls to camwhore in the toilet (;

Thanks to Mr Edward Chan for bringing me to Desa Park City for dinner (:
A really nice environment, relaxing much.
It reminds me of Hartamas tho.
Must go there again ! (:

@ secret recipe because I want to eat cake so badly.
I already had my dinner so I just eat something light.
I cannot stop eating nowadays. GOSH!

Chocolate Indulgence (:
Yumyum.. But is a little too sweet /:

After enjoy my cake, we went to the coffee bean there because Edward haven't eat yet.

Honey Stick !
He is eating it because of me highly recommended (;

Love the Honey Stick.
Got influence by April Lee.
Reminds me of her all the time when i taught of honey stick (:

Edward's dinner.
Taste not bad.
I never knew that Coffee Bean serve nice pasta.
must give yourself a try (:

Using wifi to go online with his BB (:

I know is kinda random :PP

Peaceful (:

Spot the old man there.
hahaha. Is edward :PP

My fat cheek ! !
Dont like ):

Done with my post.
Stay tuned for more (:

XoXo ~





p.s : 我还是很想你...

Already Gone..

11th of June 2010

Another outing with the same gang, Jean Yee, Edward Chan & Alan Wong.
But this time we got mission, we have to teman Mr Edward Chan to buy new handphone and of course shop around there too (:
It was pretty tiring day..
This are the few places we went :
  • Petaling Street
  • Times Square
  • Sungai Wang
  • Low Yat
  • Digital Mall
  • Proway
  • Alsafa @ BU
Imagine how tired are we and I'm walking around with my heels /:

The owner of this blog (:
We are having our lunch at Fun Hei Dei, Times Square ( dont know what is it name in English @@)

My Wifeyy - Jean Yee

Mr. Edward Chan !

Fizzy Lemon Ribena

Awww~ see my wifey shooo cute (:

Good looking and its nice to eat too la (:

After our lunch, we walk around Times Square & bumped into May Yun too (:
Then we decided to walk across the bridge to Low Yat & Sungai Wang.
Unfortunately it rains pretty heavily , so we have to drive there /:

I dont like to go out when it rains ):

We park the car at Low Yat and start our mission (:
But didn't get to find what he want /:
Guess what.. The rain stop once we reach Low Yat. Pisssss **

She (:

Mua (:

Since our mission fail, we walked over Sungai Wang to shop for awhile..

We left there around 5 because we scare it will be very jam if we leave later..
But there is still a bit jam & we nearly lost ourself @@
We suck on KL road, because we are PJ people kay? /:

Since so bored in the car, Camwhore a bit la (:

I dont like my teeth /:


See.. Told you that she is cute (:

I still busy camwhoring but she is too tired I guess..
Actually everyone is quite tired, because we never stop walking, didn't get to rest ):

I dont know how they come here, because we are suppose to used the Mid Valley way to go back..
Thats why I say we nearly get lost /:
but luckily we manage to find our way back (:

Then after all the jam, we went to Digital Mall to search for Edward's Dream Phone (:

Shooooo Busy !

Love This Bitch (:

I find this phone kinda cool and like it too :D
But no $ no talk ):

I like this colour of BB (:
Shooooo gonna get it and is only cost for 900 !

But Mr Edward already get this phone first - in black.
This is his new phone !
Make me soooo jealous /:

BB is

See this picture also know we at Alsafa.
We just drop by to Proway awhile then went to Alsafa for dinner.
I love the mee mamak there (:

The Love Bird
Tsk tsk.. Jealous /:

Stay tuned for more..